Tom Cruise speaks about Jett Travolta’s death

Tom Cruise stopped by The View yesterday to promote his new film Valkyrie. He ended up speaking about the death of his fellow Scientologist John Travolta’s son Jett, according to People:

“I just don’t have the words for it,” says Cruise. “It’s just horrific. Here you have a man, both of them doting parents, they’re wonderful people and…”
As for speculation that the Travoltas did not seek medical help for Jett, who had a history of seizures, because of their Scientology beliefs, Cruise, also a Scientologist, says the religion does not discourage medical attention.
“That’s just not true,” he says. “They say, ‘Get your physical, get your medication, get your physical illnesses handled.'”

Okay, good. For a minute there I thought Tom Cruise might exploit a horrible tragedy to do PR for the Church of Scientology and openly defend their practices on a national venue. But, c’mon, no one’s that big of a dick. Video after the jump.

Photos: Splash News

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